hoverboard for helmet

Hoverboard for Helmet

Safety Helmet for Hoverboard Ride

Everywhere in the world, people use safety in performing their duties and tasks. Nowadays there are specific institutes for safety courses. People know about the importance of safety and they do care of using different tools for their safety.

Safety is much more important in every field whether it is driving a car, riding a bicycle, riding a hoverboard, or doing any other construction work. You have to use safety tools for your protection because health is much more important than anything else.

Riding a hoverboard is not easy at all, especially in the beginning. Getting control of the hoverboard takes a long time and beginners fall often from hoverboards as they have issues balancing themselves on hoverboards. riding on hoverboards especially, in the beginning, is quite dangerous without a safety helmet.

People are not that worried about minor injuries but there are some sensitive body parts like the head that must be protected. Riding a hoverboard with a helmet makes you relax about your safety and gives you enough protection during riding. of the safety, helmets are used in riding hoverboards, skateboards, cycles, bicycles, etc

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Hoverboard helmet – A safety tool

A light well designed safety tool used for head protection during riding or any other work. Safety helmets are mostly used in cricket, cycling, hoverboarding,skating etc. people ride on hoverboards to have fun and enjoyment but there are chances of falling down that might lead to serious injuries.  Safety helmets for hoverboards are important to get rid of the serious injuries during hoverboard or skating etc.

Features of best helmet for hoverboard

After spending a lot of time on surveys and keeping the demand of customers our company provides the best ever helmets for hoverboards that have the following features.

  • Full protection to heat and brain
  • Comfortable while riding
  • High quality material like EPS foams
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable in balancing
  • Adjustable design
  • Adorable color
  • Reliable
  • High resistance to shocks and impact
  • Best fit on head
  • Good ventilation system


Best hoverboard helmets available online

Riding a hoverboard or a skater board is quite dangerous as there is no support, and in case of falling one might get serious injuries, but finding a good quality hoverboard helmet is quite difficult as there are bundles of helmets available in the market.

To find the best hoverboard helmets we tested many helmets and found the following helmets one of the best helmets for hoverboard and skateboard rides.

  • Outdoor master hoverboard helmets
  • Korimefa helmets
  • Triple eight dual certified hoverboard helmets
  • Thousand helmets
  • Lumos matrix
  • Lumos original
  • Lumos street

1-Outdoor master- helmet for hoverboards

Outdoor master helmets are considered one of the best hoverboard helmets after experimenting with many helmets. It is a multi-purpose helmet designed for the outdoor activities and sports specially hoverboarding and skating etc.Outdoor helmets are known to be the best one because of the features it has.

Outdoor master- helmet for hoverboards

  • Supreme quality material
  • A good ventilation system
  • Light weight of 13.6 to 13.9 ounces and durability
  • Low cost
  • Available in various dimensions for different age users.
  • Adjustable dial to comfort.
  • A well designed flexible chin strap 
  • Adorable colors

2-Triple eight dual certified hoverboard helmets

Triple eight dual certified  hoverboard helmets are designed by triple eight for the best interest of customers both teenagers and adults.It is well known among customers for some of its best features and qualities.

Triple eight dual certified hoverboard helmets


  • High quality material
  • Shock absorbing EPS foam
  • Durable 
  • Light weight in the range of 13.7 to 14 ounces
  • High resistance to impacts
  • Dimension of 18.71 x 11.82 x 22.25 inches
  • Adjustable dial
  • Various colors 
  • Multiple uses like in hoverboarding,skating, cycling etc
  • Best budgeted 
  • Lifetime guarantee

3-KORIMEFA helmets

KORIMEFA helmets specially hoverboard helmets are a sign of head protection while riding on roads.Customers look for the best safety tools and its good looking shape.

KORIMEFA helmets have all those qualities of attractions that fulfill the desires of people. It has enhanced people’s interest for some reasons as.


KORIMEFA helmets




  • Light weight upto one pound
  • Various dimensions for different ages booth teenagers and adults
  • Low budget so one can afford is easily
  • A good ventilation system
  • High quality material
  • A flexible chin strap 
  • Adjustable dial that can be used to adjust the helmet according to the age and head size.
  • Shock absorbing material used inside the helmet

4-Thousand helmets

The thousand hoverboard helmets are very reliable while riding on roads and streets.It has 100% safety guarantee. Riders feel comfortable while using a thousand helmets as it has the following features to meet the needs of the new generations.


Thousand helmets



  • Low budgeted cost so easy to buy
  • Light weight in the range of  400g to 500g.
  • Supreme quality material
  • High resistance to shocks
  •  it meets CPSC, CE EN 1078 and ASTM F1492 Safety Standards
  • Include two extra sets of interior padding
  • A secret pop lock for locking the helmet with hoverboard
  • Well designed, good looking and stylish shape
  • Available in various dimensions for different age users
  • Good ventilation system


5-Lumos matrix

People use hoverboards for different purposes not only in day time but also during night.Using hoverboard helmets during night is quite tough because there are more chances of falling and accidents. GadgetGuide provides helmets with good looking LEDs that help you ride during the night.

Lumos matric helmets are one of the best LED helmets available in markets which fulfill the requirements of clients.some features of these helmets are below.


Lumos matrix



  • Light weight upto 600grams
  • Reasonable cost
  • 9 to 10 hours battery life.
  • Four safety certifications
  • Bigger LED panel on the back of helmet
  • High quality LEDs and interior material
  • High resistance to shocks
  • Availability in various dimensions 

6-Lumos street

The Lumos Street helmet for hoverboards is less complicated than lumos matrix helmets. It  has three LED stripes integrated into the back of the helmet. White LEDs take the front and red ones take the back.These LEDs increase your visibility and safety dramatically. Not only this, but there are accelerometers built into the helmet to show acceleration and braking of hoverboard riders. This means you’ll have working brake lights on the back of your helmet to glow red when you decelerate. Turns have the ability to be indicated by blinking arrows, which point in the direction of the intended turn. Other than these features lumos street helmets for hoverboards have the following features.


Lumos Street helmet for hoverboards



  • Light weight ranges from 650grams to 650 grams.
  • Reasonable cost
  • Easy to ride during the night with these helmets.
  • 9 to 10 hours battery life.
  • Four safety certifications
  • Bigger LED panel on the back of helmet
  • High quality LEDs and  interior material
  • High resistance to shocks
  • Availability in various dimensions 


7-Lumos original

The Lumos Original helmets for hoverboards have LED lights on the front and back just like the Lumos street helmets. These bright red and white lights will guarantee a safer ride especially during the night.It has built-in accelerometers to give you indications about braking and accelerating of riders.Some other features of these resemble to other helmets are


Lumos Original helmets for hoverboards have LED lights



  • Light weight upto 600grams
  • Reasonable cost
  • 9 to 10 hours battery life.
  • Four safety certifications
  • Bigger LED panel on the back of helmet
  • High quality LEDs and  interior material
  • High resistance to shocks
  • Availability in various dimensions 

Why do customers favor us in buying the best helmets for hoverboards?

In the world of competition and a lot of availability of hoverboard helmets in the market as well as online made it quite difficult to buy a trusted hoverboard helmet for the safe ride of hoverboards.In such a difficult and crucial time getgatguide is thankful to the customers for their good believe and trust that make us able to be the best among all.Clients ranked us on top  because of our

  • Professional  and skilled team 
  • Our friendly behavior and dealing
  • Timely response
  • Low budgeted helmet items in different varieties

If you are interested in buying a good looking and stylish helmet for a hoverboard ride Don’t look to move around.You have knocked the right door for it.We getgatguide provides the best ever hoverboard helmet for you safe and enjoyable ride.

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