can you ride a hoverboard on carpet

Can you Ride a Hoverboard on Carpet?

Hoverboards are considered a fun ride. Multifunctional Hoverboards have made it easy to ride on and also it has enhanced the enjoyment of riders. Most of the kids get their hoverboards during holidays, especially in winter.

During this season there is snow and rain everywhere. Still, Children want to ride their hoverboards as they can’t wait for a long time, so they ride hoverboards on carpets even in homes. 

Factors regarding hoverboard rides on carpets

Riding Hoverboards on the carpet is possible but there are some precautions and factors regarding your hoverboard to be followed before riding your hoverboards on carpets.

1-Quality of Your Hoverboard

Hoverboards are of different features and designs. materials used in hoverboards are also of different qualities. Hoverboards having low-quality material perform poorly on carpets. 

2- Quality of tires and their grips

 Tire quality plays an important role in riding hoverboards on carpets. If you are looking to ride your hoverboard on carpets then your hoverboards must have tired of good quality and premium grade tires. 

The grip of tires is also an important part of riding hoverboards on carpets. A hoverboard with a poor grip can skid due to a lack of friction between carpet and tires A treaded rubber tire provides the best possible performance with maximum grip on most surfaces.

Premium hoverboard manufacturers take into consideration that their riders will navigate through different types of terrain, so they make sure that the tires have enough strong grip to make hoverboards rideable over carpets.

3-Type of Carpet

The type of carpet to ride on is very important. Carpets available would be of two styles. The one with a high pile and the second with a low pile.

Low-pile carpet

Low pile carpets are mostly used in homes, Hotels, offices, and restaurants. Low pile carpets have features like shorter and tighter fibers. These carpets provide more friction. 

High-pile carpet

High pile carpets have features like taller and looser fibers. These carpets provide less friction. A more rugged hoverboard, like our Swagboard, would handle a high-pile carpet a lot better than an entry-level hoverboard. But be warned: riding a hoverboard on a carpet could damage the carpet. 

4-Rider skills

When you want to ride the hoverboards on the carpet the riding skills of the riser are also important. There is a big difference between riding hoverboards on the carpet and on the roads. Riding hoverboards on the carpet depends on the thickness of the carpet. Sometimes it feels sluggish and responds slower. It needs patience and skill to ride on the carpet which can be developed slowly and gradually.

5-hoverboards lifetime

While riding your hoverboard on the carpet you must note the age of your hoverboard. As with time, there is a drop in power occurring, The motor needs more power to run which is not fully provided by the battery. So better to ride on the carpet using a new hoverboard, not the old one.

6- level of Battery 

Riding hoverboards on the carpet is very sensitive. To ride hoverboards on carpet make sure that the battery is fully charged and strong otherwise it might damage quickly if used for carpet riding. Riding your hoverboard on the carpet for a long time may badly affect the battery. Moving your hoverboard on the carpet requires more power due to the roughness of the surface.

More power is required by the motor to move the wheel. Riding for a long time over the carpet can damage the battery and affect its lifetime. Riding your hoverboard on the carpet also increases the efficiency of the battery faster as more power is required by the motor.


Hoverboards are very popular with both young and children. But did you know where you can ride it? can you ride a hoverboard on carpet? Or is it safe for a kid to ride a hoverboard on a carpet? Do hoverboards damage the carpet? Can hoverboards riding on the carpet affect the battery life and motor?

These are some common questions explained in this article. It gives you detailed information regarding riding hoverboards on carpets. Gadgetguide provides you with all the requirements and instructions for riding your hoverboards on the carpet without damage to your hoverboard as well as the carpet.